Finally available after nearly a decade of work...
The Gripes of Rapp


Biography of the creator of The Bickersons, writer for Eddie Cantor and Fanny Brice. Contains a wealth of Rapp's own work, including part of an unpublished autobiography!

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"The Bickersons - The best radio comedy ever" - Larry King

"Quarrels between man and woman are nothing new, and could be dull, but they take on a freshness and merriment extraordinaire in the hands of Philip Rapp" - Goodman Ace, American Humorist

"Gripes of Rapp is a must read for anyone who has visions of being a comedy writer" - Sam Locke, Award Winning Comedy Writer

"Anything you want to know about comedy writing and much more." - Roger Corman

Click the image above to view a portion of an interview with Don Ameche on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson as they discuss his role in The Bickersons.


Click the image above to view the documentary on the writer/creator of Baby Snooks and The Bickersons, Philip Rapp



Click the image above for a sneak preview of a clip of one of the original Bickersons TV pilots - never before released to the public - available soon on VHS video from


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